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Hello world, here at Ronda’s Quilt Creations, located in Brighton Ontario, we have changed things up a little.  Here at Ronda’s Quilt Creations,  we sell fabric, interfacing, sewing needles, patterns and of course quilts and quilted items. Special orders are always welcome.

Ronda’s Quilt Creations is an ecommerce business from my home. I do offer curbside pickup for those who are local to the area. In the event you would like to see something specific you can book an appointment and I will bring items outside for you to see.  Please watch for new posts on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/rondasquiltcreations) where I will announce upcoming discount sales and free shipping. Happy quilting…

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    Located at 91 Pinnacle Street North,
    Brighton, Ontario, K0K 1H0

    Call 613-885-9224

    Email: contact@rondasquiltcreations.com


    What People Are Saying

    Beyond words right now, we’re so happy with our latest purchase from @rondas_quilts Thank you

    Lorraine Fortin

    Great selection prices and service

    Kim Carr

    Quality quilting cottons. Very responsive owner. Wonderful shop to purchase from!

    S & A Hudson

    Excellent variety of high-quality products with great prices, very responsive with extremely efficient service.

    Nancy Richards